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We a re the king of singing (KTV)

Last week, there were seven guys went to the KTV singing. Six girls and one boy, you can called them E-Girl and X-Boy! Because almost all of the girl came from the E-701 dormitory of the Shunde polytechnic. But the boy~~~~~~~, en````` you can also called him secret, he is our mysterious guest. He is very good at singing, we always enjoying his perform.. I like singing, but it is not very good..
We didn’t forget that day, you can’t understand we used two hours to stay in the hall, and waiting for the room of the KTV, it is very suffering. I think in the world, nothing is satisfying originally. So that day we didn’t waste our life and energy, and enjoyed this time and singing insanely. We stay in the KTV until the time to have supper.
There was a large problem after singing. Because we must took the NO. 8 bus to return our school, and we were very hungry at that time. but`````but````` we waited this bus almost one hours, what a agony it is!
It is life, need gladness, and also need anguish. Different feel, different relish, so the life can become more perfection.

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