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Tire or cheer

I think I will not forget today, because it is very tire and very happy.
After class, all of the students of our class will go to the sweetmeat room to have lunch. We must book the sweetmeat room first by phone, but when we call the sweetmeat room, the waiter said there is no table left. Only our dormitory’s girls didn’t book the table, what a pity it is! So after class we ride to the sweetmeat fleetly. After 5 minutes, we arrived at the sweetmeat room, and want to waiting for the table. At the same time, there is a table check-out, thanks to the god, we have a seat now. Finally, all of us have a good lunch in the sweetmeat room!
In the afternoon, there is a long-distance running of springtime in the college; all of the students must take part in this activity. We must finish all of the distance; it is too far to us. I think I real very lazy, and didn’t move my body during a long time. After 10 minutes, I feel very very tire, and hope to stop here. But other students still running with me. So I also didn’t give up!

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Igor 说...

Hello lily, who are u? How do you find my blog?

I'm Igor, from Brazil or from ciberspace! =) (i'm 180º to you in the map)
Where do u from? China?


bey bey girl!!

Olga Cristina 说...

Gracias por pasar, tambien me gusta la fotografia.

Alex Ho 说...

Your blog is great!

lily 说...

hello igor, i'm a Chinese girl.
thank you for visiting my blog, i think it is a beautiful afterclap i found your blog!
Are you the first meet a Chinese girl????

lily 说...

thank you for visiting my blog~~~!

Ravindra Mundkur 说...

Hello Lily
Thank you for visiting my blog and also inviting me to your blog.
Your blog is beautiful like you and also quite lively!
Hope you will go on adding more and more beautiful photographs to your blog along with more postings.
How do you find my blog Please comment! And give suggestions for improvement if any!

lily 说...

thank you for visiting my blog.
i think you are very love nature.
it is very beautiful and mysterious.

Taiyou no mannaka he 说...

Hey Lily,

thanks for visiting my blog, even though theres' not much on there!!
you got a nice looking blog, very colourful!!


lily 说...

i like pink very much! but i think my blog is a little chaos.

小强 说...


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