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so happy```

Tomorrow I will go to travel with my classmate, so excitement. today we prepared everything, such as cloth and food. i think i'll take more and more beautiful photos of theat place for you~~!

i can remember the last travel, it is very happy and indelibility! this photo is very funny~~~

at that time our monitor was chosen by the playactors to play a bridegroom, and be demanded to wive the other playactors. it is very funny, the monitor be demanded to dance with grass skirt.

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小强 说...

第2次来看你个blog,才发现你都几认真哦,天天更新^。^ 继续努力吧!!

lily 说...

Hah`````it is our order!
but now, i think i love this way to show and write down my mood!
thanks for coming~~~

kc 说...

hey! thanks for dropping by my blog. anyway, you've got a nice one here. :)