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Missing (winter vacation)

This winter vacation, I went back to Sichuan with my boyfriend. After a year, I met all of my relatives eventually. At that time I found I was real very miss them. Miss my grandparents, miss my sisters and brothers, and miss all the people. So during those days, I always took my camera with me, I want to keep all the memory by my camera.
During these days, I always play with my sister. I was order than her, but she already has a job more than one year. Maybe she is more adult than me in the other way. I usually help her mother to manage the clothing shop. And she is a train attendant now, I hope she can get a good life, I love her very much.
Something always is unimaginable; you must cherish all the thing which you can see and touch.

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daniel(拉登) 说...

I’d be ready and strong enough
But sometimes
I just felt I could give up
But you came
And you changed my whole world now
I’m somewhere
I’ve never been before
Now I see

lily 说...

hah```thanks for your message, i think you will get your blessedness!