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we are the super girls```````!!!


action arena~~~!

it is a largest and the most famous action arena in the Chime-Long.

there are some photos of the action arena. it is very actual and interesting. you can find there is a actual battle around you.

after the perform, every one run to the arena and take the photo with the actor!

they are very professional, and very friendly!

happy journey~~~~

yesterday we went to the Chime-Long carnie, it is a very wonderful and irritative place.

in this carnie, there are many irritative games. we are enjoying in this place~~~~~

Chime-Long carnie is the first national AAAAA level attiraction in China. in the evening, there is a international circus in it.

there are seven the most wonderful games of the Asia in this carnie, such as giant frisbee, 4D cinemamovie theatre, action arena and ten loops switchback, and so on!

so you didn't miss it!


so happy```

Tomorrow I will go to travel with my classmate, so excitement. today we prepared everything, such as cloth and food. i think i'll take more and more beautiful photos of theat place for you~~!

i can remember the last travel, it is very happy and indelibility! this photo is very funny~~~

at that time our monitor was chosen by the playactors to play a bridegroom, and be demanded to wive the other playactors. it is very funny, the monitor be demanded to dance with grass skirt.



there are some photos with Jena!

we love to take photos, but sometimes we can't change our post.

these photos are very funny! i like them very much!

some people told me in these photos, i became a young girl!