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The first station----Wuhan

At the end of the last year, I went to my boyfriend’s university begin my winter vacation. He studies in Wuhan PE University, so I took the train to visit him by myself. About 17 hours later, I arrived at Wuhan, it was very cold, and only had 5°C. At the same time, my boyfriend and his friends waiting for me at the gate of platform for 2 hours. It was my first time to Wuhan and the first time to meet my boyfriend’s friends; they were very friendly and facetious.
I stayed here for 9 days; it is a very wonderful and amused vacation. Wuhan is a very large and very flourishing city; there are large populations in it, so always there are many people shopping at the side of the street. “Huang he lou” is a famous building in Wuhan, but we missed it, because the price of sightsee is very high, you must paid 50 RMB to visit it. We have not enough money. From Wuchang to Hankou we need half an hour by bus; there are a lot of shopping centers in these two places, we almost shopping in these two places each day.
Each evening, we can go to the playroom to playing all the game, we used more than 5000 tickets to exchange a suit of bedgown; it is my gift and our booty.