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I think I didn't forget````````

Everyday is wonderful and interesting during the college.
after class, you can find everything is beautiful and loveliness. the trees, the grass, the flowers, the buildings, the lake and the swans, all of them become more and more loveliness.
i think i didn't forget these trees, which is always help us to keep out the burning sun.
i think i didn't forget these buildings, which is always help us to forget the tiredness.
i think i didn't forget this lake, which is always love to listen our beautiful wish.
i think i didn't forget these swans, which is always take the gladness to us.
there are a lot of things in this college i can't forget, i will remember all of the things forever!
certainly, i also can't forget my beat friends~~~~~~~~~love you~!!
several years after, maybe something is different, but i believe something is all the same!
such as ~~~~~i will love you forever, my friends!

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0oO k1nes1na Oo0 说...

hi!!! i`m from argentina!!! you have a nice blogspot!! that´s realy cute!!
hive you a hug!!

lily 说...

thank you for visiting my blog!
someone told me my blog is a little chaos!

匿名 说...


daniel 说...

even Argentina's friends support your

I think your BLOG is more and more


you really made the experience and the expectation relates together

It's in proved you have really understood and fill in love

so a happy and comfortable life will following

i wish this happy recollection can give you to be happiness

lily 说...

thank you everybody!
i will enjoying my college life!

Blogue da Magui 说...

I love your blog.Very interesting.Reale, very..,
Come to mine.

lily 说...

Thank you! i like record my life!

Severus 说...

First of all thank you very much you visit my blog^^
Your blog is great, but i find that you are so different between the photos with your friends and your blog's right side~.~
Thanks again and keep in touch! I have a many problems about create the blog/ \
Have a nice day!

chanbean 说...

hi there, very nice meeting you. you are a sweet gal. keep in touch.

lily 说...

thank you for visiting my blog.
well this blog will show you different lily and different life!
i holp you can like it!!

chanbean 说...

what a fancy and interesting blog. 我很喜歡那個右面置頂的新聞的滾動banner. nice nice.

lily 说...

it is html, you can find it on the website!

匿名 说...

your blog is love and fulfilled with beautiness gifts presented to great time dim and soft.

how is the college? what name was it given when birthed?

grant you a gracious afterday!

Jesse Graham 说...

Yo. welcome to my blog.


lily 说...

thank you very much!
our college called Shunde polytechnic.

magiulu 说...

Credi sempre all'amore.
Se hai da soffrire,
pensa che sei piu' amata ancora
e canta sempre «grazie».
E' cosi' geloso della bellezza della tua anima!
Non guarda che a questo.

Beata Elisabetta della Trinita'